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Summer SOS for Your Landscape

Sun, wind, and heat can be brutal to unsuspecting landscapes. Now is the time to tackle a few simple tasks to help it weather the inevitable scorching temps. Insect populations are at their peak now. But remember: not all bugs are bad bugs so be careful what pesticides you use. You want to keep the… Continue Reading Summer SOS for Your Landscape

Don’t Plant — Prep Instead

Summertime, with its stifling heat and scant precipitation, is not the ideal time to plant. The best thing you can do for your parched landscape right now is prep it for autumn planting — especially if you want to take advantage of SAWS’ WaterSaver Coupons. Here’s what you can do now: Add compost to turf… Continue Reading Don’t Plant — Prep Instead

Banish Biting Bloodsuckers

All the weeks of drought-busting rain showers this spring were great for landscapes and wildflowers. But they’ve also ushered in an unwelcome pest: mosquitos by the millions. Stop swatting and start enjoying your great outdoors. Here’s how to prevent these masters of misery from hanging around. Eliminate ALL standing water. Even a tablespoon of water… Continue Reading Banish Biting Bloodsuckers