Summer SOS for Your Landscape

Sun, wind, and heat can be brutal to unsuspecting landscapes. Now is the time to tackle a few simple tasks to help it weather the inevitable scorching temps.

  • Insect populations are at their peak now. But remember: not all bugs are bad bugs so be careful what pesticides you use. You want to keep the good bugs in your garden.
  • Keep the lawn mower blades sharpened as the lawn will likely require weekly mowing to reduce weeds.
  • Perennial plants such as crape myrtle are likely very showy right now — keep them that way by deadheading any spent flowers to keep them blooming.

Nurseries are finally restocking inventory so consider planting a new bed in your garden with hardy, drought-tolerant plants that can survive the summer with little or no water. Use our WaterSaver Coupons to help cover the cost!

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