5 Steps To a Gorgeous Garden

You may want to sit down for this: There is no such thing as a no-maintenance garden.

Luckily there is such a thing as a low maintenance garden — one that only requires you to tackle five basic tasks before spring officially arrives.

1. Cut back perennials after the chance of freezing temperatures has passed, usually around mid-March. The frozen- back foliage is protecting the plant and keeping it insulated.

2. Hand-pull weeds when you see them pop up. After a rain when the ground is soft, they slip right out with minimal effort.

3. Prep soil in bare areas with high- quality compost. Let it simmer until planting time.

4. Join SAWS’ virtual Spring Bloom March 10-13. Learn what unique and native plants are ideal for our area and chat with gardening experts about how to create the landscape of your dreams. Details at saws.org/springbloom.

5. Mulch to help keep your plant roots cool and retain water. Use an organic mulch and keep it several inches away from any stems or trunks.

Tackling one task at a time will help your garden not just survive, but also thrive!