Big Freeze Aftermath: Sprinkler System Checkup

Below-freezing temperatures took a toll on pipes throughout the city. Your in-ground sprinkler system could also have sustained damage.

irrigation cover

Take these steps now to avoid bigger, more costly problems later.

  • Locate any leaking pipes or valves and mark them with a flag or paint.
  • Find the backflow preventer, which is usually in a rectangular box in the ground near your water meter. Shut it off by turning one or both of the levers 1/4 turn.
  • Complete any necessary repairs.

A power outage can cause your controller to reset to factory settings. Program it to water once a week on your designated watering day, as determined by your street address.

Need help programming your controller? Visit gardenstylesa.com/controller.

Watch our how-to videos on finding and fixing leaks at saws.org/find-leaks.