SAWS Customers Receive Water Bill Relief

February’s unprecedented winter weather wreaked havoc on all of us — not just by causing loss of power and water, but also leaving behind damage to homes and businesses.

To help those who may have higher bills due to freeze-related leaks or running faucets, SAWS is charging ALL customers based on water use for the current month, or last month’s water use, whichever is lower.

This one-time adjustment applies to both residential and commercial SAWS accounts.

“These are very trying times for many, and we want to help ease the burden any way we can,” said SAWS president/CEO Robert R. Puente.

SAWS will continue to work with customers on bill payment relief options moving forward. If you are unable to pay the full balance on your SAWS bill, you can set up a payment arrangement to keep your account in good standing and give you more time to pay. For details visit saws.org/arrangement.

Still struggling to pay, even with a payment arrangement? SAWS Uplift offers 14 different assistance programs with one simple application. Apply today at saws.org/uplift.