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SAWS District Cooling System is an extension of our commitment to affordable and sustainable services. These cost-beneficial alternatives can connect your company to an energy infrastructure that is trusted and utilized throughout the city of San Antonio.

Learn more of the numerous benefits and about how your company can incorporate our services.

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How does District Cooling System benefit you?

Current DCS customers, which include downtown hotels, City of San Antonio event facilities, office buildings, and historical sites, reap numerous benefits from using the system. Businesses located within a few blocks of the DCS system that opt-in not only participate in reaching San Antonio's economic and climate action plans but also receive the following benefits:


  • Significant reduction of initial capital investment for a cooling system
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs
  • Reduced monthly utility bills


  • SAWS DCS uses highly efficient equipment and consumes significantly less power than standalone chilled water systems.

Want to Improve Your Delta T Performance?

Are you already a customer who wants to improve their delta T performance? A higher delta T can help reduce your bills and lower energy consumption — putting less wear and tear on equipment.