Connect H2O

About ConnectH2O

The goal of ConnectH2O is to empower every San Antonian to help manage their community’s water by giving them more timely information about their own water use. This is done using electronic water meters and a wireless data network.

SAWS ConnectH2O uses wireless technology to collect hourly meter readings from each home or business and transmit it back to a data center. Each service address will have a water meter connected to a radio transmitter which sends the meter readings to SAWS via a secure wireless network. That information can then be used to generate bills, trigger alerts for leaks or high water use, and be made available to customers via our secure My Account website.

In 2021, SAWS installed the ConnectH2O technology at 2,500 homes and businesses in three areas of the city. During this pilot, SAWS tested the technology to ensure meter readings were accurate and transmitted successfully to SAWS. We also successfully tested other features such as leak detection and making water use information available to customers via our website.  As a result of this thorough testing, SAWS is confident in the ConnectH2O technology and will proceed with installation throughout San Antonio.

By giving customers a more direct connection to timely information about the water they use, we empower every San Antonian to both proactively manage their own water use and take part in ensuring our community’s water future. Today, SAWS obtains a single reading from your meter once per month. With SAWS ConnectH2O, we’ll read your meter every hour.

There will be no rate increase to fund ConnectH2O. The program is part of the utility’s normal, ongoing Capital Improvement Program.


  • If you’re using water at that moment, an installer will knock on your door to let you know they are there to install the new technology and give you a few minutes to finish up what you’re doing. (All current COVID-19 safety measures will be followed by the installer.)
  • In some cases, your water service will be interrupted for 20 to 30 minutes while your meter is being replaced.
  • Once the new technology is in place, workers will flush the water lines at an outdoor faucet. (If needed, instructions will be left with you to run your faucets inside your home.)
  • When installation is complete, workers will leave a door hanger letting you know they’re finished. If you have any questions about your installation, call 210-704-SAWS (7297).

The Flume is not designed to work with electronic water meters. However, similar to Flume, you will be able to monitor your water use via the SAWS My Account website  within 5 days after installation.

Our goal was to select a reliable, cost effective meter that can deliver accurate water use information without the need for customer Wi-Fi or frequent battery changes. We hope to add customizable alerts and other features soon.

NOTE: If you have a Flume device on the existing meter, our ConnectH2O installer will leave it in the meter box for you.

Installation of electronic water meters throughout the SAWS service area will be ongoing until 2026.

To find out if your location has been scheduled for installation, visit our  ConnectH2O Installation Schedule page and enter your address.

Meter Reading and Billing

SAWS regularly tests its water meters to make sure they meet American Water Works Association standards for accuracy. All technology will be tested for accuracy prior to installation.

The transmitter that sends your meter reading has a unique identifier that is sent along with the read data. This identifier is used to ensure the meter reading matches the meter assigned to your account.

Older mechanical meters tend to lose accuracy as they age, and therefore may not accurately measure all the water being used. New water meters more precisely measure your water use. All new meters are tested to ensure they register properly. If your meter was replaced with a new meter and you see a higher bill immediately after the new meter installation (and you have not changed your water use pattern), it is likely that the old meter was running slow, or you have a minor leak in the system that wasn’t registering correctly through the old meter.

SAWS My Account Website

Once the ConnectH2O technology has been installed at your home or business, you’ll be able to view your hourly water consumption by logging in to SAWS’ My Account website.

NOTE: This feature will become active 3-5 days after installation of your electronic meter.

Security & Technology

Your account information is safe and secure. Data captured by the meter is encrypted and transmission of data does not occur without authentication by SAWS.

The ConnectH2O technology uses a very low-powered radio. This radio’s signal is weaker than a cordless phone and will not interfere with other electronic devices in your home or business. It will not interfere with your data network. In fact, electronic meters transmit for only a few minutes each day.

For the latest updates, visit You may also email us or call 210-704-7297.