Hummingbirds Love Our WaterSaver Coupons!

Roll out the welcome mat for our tiniest avian friends! SAWS WaterSaver coupons make it easy — and affordable — to add some of these hummingbird-approved plants to your yard.

Both the native and tropical varieties are drought-tolerant sun lovers with bright yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers.

Mexican honeysuckle
This tropical American native is drought hardy and can handle sun or partial shade.

Red yucca
A native of South Texas, this coral, red or yellow-flowered plant can stand up to extreme sun and arid conditions.

Pride of Barbados
Hummingbirds delight in this stalwart’s plentiful blooms when many other plants have given up in the Texas heat.

Turk’s cap
This Texas native with long-lasting red flowers handles shady and partly shady conditions.

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