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Light Up Your Landscape

Whether you called them fireflies or lightning bugs as a child, it’s always fun to see their friendly flickers floating about the yard.

Give your garden a glow of tiny twinkling lights with these firefly-friendly garden practices. They’ll spark many magical summer evenings.

  • Create a small wildflower meadow or keep a little corner of your yard planted with tall grasses and shrubs.
  • Leave your leaf litter undisturbed. Some firefly species live among fallen leave as larvae.
  • Cut back on how often and how short you mow when you see fireflies out. Adults often hang out on the ground during the day.
  • Turn off outdoor lights and close the curtains at dusk. Light pollution can interfere with their mating behavior.

Remember to always practice catch and release. Fireflies will dry out and die when kept in jars.