San Antonio Is In Stage 2 — Do You Know When To Water?

San Antonio hasn’t seen much rain so far this year — and the continued dry, parched conditions are the reason landscape watering rules will be sticking around for a while.

Stage 2 rules were declared in 2022. Watering days stay the same in Stage 2 as in Stage 1, but the hours during which watering is allowed are shortened. Watering with a sprinkler, irrigation system or soaker hose is allowed only between 7-11 a.m. and 7-11 p.m. on your designated day.

watering dead lawn

Which day is your watering day? Simply look at the last number of your street address:

0 or 1 – Monday
2 or 3 – Tuesday
4 or 5 – Wednesday
6 or 7 – Thursday
8 or 9 – Friday

You can still hand-water with a hose-end nozzle any time you want.

But just because you can water once a week doesn’t mean you have to. Lawns can go without watering for 12 to 21 days depending on the species. And your perennial plants and trees? They can go even longer, easily getting by without water for 45-60 days.

Even your water bill will be healthier (and leaner) if you skip a week or two. Running your irrigation system just once a week can double (and sometimes triple) the amount of water you use.

Of course, the best way to drought-proof your landscape and save money is to use SAWS WaterSaver coupons and rebates!

Through Oct. 31, SAWS residential customers can apply for up to $400 in coupons to replace part of their water-guzzling grass with Texas-tough beauties plants like salvia, mistflower, cenizo and this region’s stalwart, mountain laurel.

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