SAWS Board, City Council approve new rates for 2023

If your holiday wish list includes lower bills in 2023, that wish may be about to come true: Starting in January, a recently approved rate adjustment will reduce monthly charges for almost all SAWS residential customers.

The new rate structure was approved by the SAWS Board and San Antonio City Council in November. The changes will reduce wastewater charges on 100% of residential bills, while 83% will include lower water charges. The average residential customer will see their total SAWS bill reduced by $5.80 to $60.88. Those who use more than 9,000 gallons per month will see a modest cost increase, to further encourage water conservation.

The rates for commercial, wholesale, irrigation and recycled water customers also include a modest increase for 2023.

For customers enrolled in SAWS’ Uplift affordability discount program, 98% of bills will be lower. This discounted rate will be funded through a new Uplift Assistance Program Fee. Customers can apply for this income-based assistance at

The new rate structure was recommended by the utility’s Rate Advisory Committee. This group of citizen volunteers included residential, multifamily and recycled water customers, as well as representatives from large and small businesses, manufacturers, and environmental and community groups.

To see how the new rates will affect your own bill, use the rate calculator at


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