Schedule Your No-Contact Irrigation Consultation

An in-ground sprinkler system can use 3,000 gallons or more each time it runs. And if it isn’t properly programmed or maintained, it can use even more. Make sure yours is in tip-top shape with a no-contact house call from SAWS!

If you have in-ground irrigation, one of our experts will come to your home to do a complete system checkup and review your landscape while you remain safely inside.

When they’re done, they’ll call you to review the results and answer any questions, as well as flag any problem areas and leave a summary report and rebate offer. Of course, they’ll also wipe down and disinfect your irrigation controller before they leave.

If you prefer a phone consultation without the on-site visit, we can do that, too! Schedule your free WaterSaver Irrigation Consultation today at 210-704-SAVE.

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