Simmer On with #SAWSsummer Celebrations!

With the decline in COVID-19 in our community, our #SAWSsummer celebrations are back — and we may be coming to a pool, library or park near you!

From in-person meetups to video broadcasts of cool spots to visit during our sizzling summer, you don’t want to miss the fun! Also, families and individuals can submit their names into social media drawings for a chance to win an exclusive #SAWSsummer-ina-box surprise!

This package contains all the swag you need to celebrate summer in sizzlin’ SAWSstyle — T-shirts, sunglasses, beach towels, visors and more!

If you’re lucky, SAWS’celebrated running toilet mascot may personally deliver the goods and pose for a photo op.

If you can’t show up in person (shucks!) or miss a broadcast, you can catch the replay of select #SAWSsummer videos on our social media channels, including YouTube.

Follow @MySAWS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out what’s coming up on our #SAWSsummer schedule and how you can join the fun in person or online. It’s a waterful way to beat the heat — and who knows water better than SAWS!