Water Bill Mystery? Become a Water Detective and Solve It.

Unusually high water bill? SAWS has new videos to help you crack your water waste case.

Right this moment hundreds of gallons of water could be leaking in or around your home. You may not hear water running or see any puddles, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.


The clear evidence: an unusually high water bill.

In some cases, the answer is simple: You’ve started watering more. Even hand watering can increase your bill, especially if you lose track of time while you’re doing it. But sometimes the reason your bill has skyrocketed is a complete mystery.

That’s why SAWS has created a how-to video series to help you become your home’s own water detective. You can watch them any time at saws.org/highbill.

The two most common culprits of a high water bill are leaky toilets and misbehaving irrigation systems. But SAWS Conservation Director Karen Guz says any device in your home that automates anything related to water is at risk of leaking — often without leaving any easyto- find clues.

“Swimming pools, water softeners — anything with pumps and valves that move water could malfunction. These culprits could be silent, invisible problems,” she said. “A device that tops off the water in your pool automatically is the number one reason for catastrophic water bills.”

According to a national study, 13 percent of the water used in homes — 12 percent in San Antonio — is lost to preventable leaks — leaks people didn’t know they had, added Guz.

The good news is you can learn how to “flush out” the usual waterwasting suspects in and around your home by watching our quick, simple how-to videos.

Ready to get your gumshoes on and be a water detective?

Solve the Mystery