Welcome Winter Wildlife

It’s no secret that birds fly south for the winter. For a wide variety of species, mild-wintered San Antonio is south enough.

Roving flocks of warblers, vireos, sparrows, waxwings, wrens, kinglets and more join our year-round residents like cardinals, jays, chickadees and titmice.

And while seed and suet do a fine job of attracting birds to your landscape, fresh, sparkling H2O will fascinate the flocks of feathered friends that flew in for winter.

  • Add a simple bird bath or shallow water feature to your garden.
  • Drop in textured rocks or a bit of gravel to provide footing for the birds.
  • Place it where the water can be warmed by the winter sun, but close enough to vegetation should the birds need a quick escape.

Most importantly, keep it clean. Scrubbing and refilling regularly will help keep your birds healthy, happy and coming back for more.