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Tag: Tips

Are You Ready To Weather An Emergency?

Following last February’s record-breaking winter storm, it seemed clear that San Antonians simply weren’t ready — for the temperatures, the power outages and the resulting loss of water service. It was a catastrophe that affected all of us and it’s something we don’t want to experience ever again. Emergencies happen. So SAWS has been working… Continue Reading Are You Ready To Weather An Emergency?

Welcome Winter Wildlife

It’s no secret that birds fly south for the winter. For a wide variety of species, mild-wintered San Antonio is south enough. Roving flocks of warblers, vireos, sparrows, waxwings, wrens, kinglets and more join our year-round residents like cardinals, jays, chickadees and titmice. And while seed and suet do a fine job of attracting birds… Continue Reading Welcome Winter Wildlife

A Safe Tree = A Safe Holiday

Before you trim the tree — either fresh or artificial — make sure to take precautions to avoid a fire. Electrical malfunctions don’t discriminate. Both fresh and fake trees can quickly go up in smoke. So take the same safety measures either way. Look for a fresh tree with vibrant green needles that don’t break… Continue Reading A Safe Tree = A Safe Holiday

Protecting Your Pipes and Plants from Freezing Temperatures

With freezing temperatures expected, it’s important to remember the dangers of water pipes freezing or bursting in cold temperatures. One of the most common hazards in San Antonio is freezing run-off from irrigation systems, so turn them off now before they become a liability. When water from spray irrigation systems run off onto sidewalks and… Continue Reading Protecting Your Pipes and Plants from Freezing Temperatures