Funding Conservation for Innovation

Not every conservation effort fits neatly into a defined program. Often our business customers come up with innovative ways to save. This program allows negotiation of a custom rebate that reflects the long-term, documented water savings from a project. It is available for any SAWS customer that meets all criteria but is subject to approved annual budgets and required approval by trustees for large expenses.

Great Option for Business Customers

Through the Commercial Custom Rebate Program, businesses may receive a rebate for installation of water-saving equipment, if water savings can be confirmed. The cash rebates are available to SAWS account holders instituting new water saving processes or installing new water saving equipment. The rebate amount is determined by actual water savings, life of the equipment, and the projects utility savings return on investment (ROI).

The program is designed to shorten the payback timeframe and reduce the financial burden on customers that want to undertake water-saving projects. Incentive rebates can help overcome the initial financial investment associated with water saving equipment, thus making implementation more economically feasible. The program is easily adaptable to any proposed retrofit project ranging from dental vacuum conversions and landscape irrigation reduction to large process water reclamation systems.

The exact rebate amount is determined by the permanent water savings the project can achieve. SAWS staff works with you to determine the life of the equipment, the installation cost and the return on investment.

Examples of Equipment Changes Eligible for a Rebate

  • Replacement of water-cooled equipment with new air-cooled equipment
  • Implementation of smart water management systems for irrigation
  • Upgrades to large irrigation systems to include water saving technology
  • Elimination of portions of large irrigation systems no longer needed
  • Process water reclamation systems
  • Air conditioning condensate capture and reuse
  • Elimination of water intensive industrial processes
  • Cooling tower modifications
  • Landscape irrigation reductions
  • Industrial laundry equipment upgrades
  • More efficient reverse osmosis units
  • Friction type car wash equipment
  • Any other documented reduction of water use

Eligibility Limits

  • Accounts must use SAWS potable water.
  • Accounts must be in good standing with payments for water and compliance with all water related regulations.

How to Apply

  • Send project proposals and application to SAWS for approval before starting the project.
  • Attach a file with a project overview including details about the projects such as the expected cost, estimated equipment life, methods to calculate water savings, and project start and end dates.
  • Pay careful attention to limits of the program. Each project requires significant time investment in a negotiated contractual agreement with SAWS.
  • SAWS may conduct inspections prior to approval and following project completion to confirm and review the items presented in your proposal.
  • Written notification of the project approval will include a contract with the terms of the rebate.
  • Program policies and procedures are subject to change.

Contact Us

For information on the commercial custom rebate, please contact Cleveland Powell at 210-704-SAVE or at