Stage 4 restrictions may be declared if the total supply of water from the Edwards Aquifer and other sources is insufficient to meet customer demand, even while complying with lesser restriction stages. These restrictions may be declared at the discretion of the City Manager upon completion of a 30-day monitoring period following Stage 3 declaration.

Stage 4 Watering Restrictions

At this stage, Stage 3 landscape irrigation restrictions remain in effect.

Drought Surcharge

A drought surcharge is assessed on all accounts for water used or assumed to be used for landscape irrigation. The surcharge is to remain in effect for a minimum of one complete billing month and will remain in effect if Stage 4 is still in effect at the beginning of the next billing month.

Other Restrictions

Additional restrictions on water use may be established at the discretion of the City Council.

Stage 4 restrictions continue until there is an announcement in the newspaper that it has been canceled.