Raise Some Green While Saving Some Blue

A charity car wash is a fun and effective way to raise money for a worthy cause. But before you break out the buckets and hoses, please know that there are certain rules you must follow.

As part of San Antonio’s Conservation Ordinance, all charity car washes must be held at a permanent car wash facility. This not only prevents water waste, but also helps protect our water supply by keeping contaminated runoff out of storm drains, streams and Edwards Aquifer recharge features.

This provision has been in place since 2005.

SAWS Certified Car Wash Facilities

SAWS works closely with business owners in the Southwest Car Wash Association. Many of them are certified in the WaterSaver Car Wash Program. Part of the certification process includes an agreement to host at least three charity washes each year.

If you want to sponsor a car wash event you’ll need to plan ahead and negotiate the specific arrangements with the car wash owner.

These facilities have agreed to host a minimum of three fundraiser vehicle washes per year.

Here are some different fundraising approaches you may want to consider when planning your event:

  • The owner could provide one or more vehicle wash bays to your group at no cost for an onsite fundraising event.
  • The owner could contribute a percentage of the gross revenues generated by the facility during a designated period of time.
  • The owner could provide tokens or gift certificates at a discount, which can then be resold at face value by the charity group.

Remember: Your organization must have a tax-exempt, non-profit status under the Section 501(c)(3) section of the Federal Tax Code to legally host a charity fundraising event.

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