How To Lower Your Monthly Sewer Service Charge

Did you know you have a say in how much you’re charged for sewer service? It’s true!

Here’s how: SAWS sewer charges are based on your average winter water use. That means the less water you use from mid-November to mid-March, the lower your monthly sewer service charge will be starting in March or April 2021.

Turning off your automatic irrigation system is the easiest way to use less water. Your landscape is the single biggest water user. And in winter it goes dormant, which means it seldom needs any additional water other than what Mother Nature provides.

Your billing cycle is identified in the Current Bill Summary.

So watering your landscape less now can add up to big savings throughout 2021.

Note: Actual meter reading dates may vary slightly. If your sewer service is provided by San Antonio River Authority, your winter average is updated in July and calculated using water use from December, January and February of the previous year.