SAWS Field Investigations are designed for students 6th grade and above.

Groundwater Sleuthing Field Investigation

Visit San Antonio Water System’s newest facility, H2Oaks and learn about our water resources, desalination and human impact on groundwater. Students tour SAWS reverse osmosis brackish groundwater desalination plant and participate in hands-on laboratory activities.

Program Length: 2 hours

Maximum Number of Students: 50

Investigating Water After The Flush: Field Investigation

Find out what happens “after the flush” as you investigate the path wastewater takes through a municipal wastewater recycling facility. Participants follow the flow of wastewater through SAWS Steven M. Clouse Water Recycling Center, getting off the bus at key locations for a closer look (and smell!) at the water recycling process.

Program Length: 2 hours

Maximum Number of Students: One bus load. (The tour is a driving tour and only one bus can be accommodated at a time.)

Can’t come to us? Check out our After The Flush video. (Sorry no Smell-a-Vision!)

Custom tours may be available upon request.  Email for details.