H20 On the Go Presentations & Field Investigations 2018-2019

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Pre-K – Kindergarten

Wiggle Waggle’s Pond: Help Wiggle Waggle the duck discover why the pond he lives in is running out water. Conserving water is important and Wiggle Waggle is on a mission to help his friends learn all about becoming WATERSAVERS. Teachers receive a toolkit which includes activities to be used after the presentation. The presentation can be done in a large or small group format.

Program Length: 20 minutes


1st – 2nd Grades

Voyage of Hydro Explorer: Join the SAWS for a trip under highways, city streets and tall buildings to find out where our water comes from, how it gets to us and where it goes after we use it. This fun and watery adventure shows students where their water comes from, how it gets to their house and where it goes after it is used demonstrating how we are actually a part of the water cycle!

Program Length: 45 minutes


3rd Grade

Mitchell Lake Audubon Center Wet and Wild Mini Grant
Grants up to $2,000 per school are available to help fund third-grade classes participating in the Nature of Learning Wet and Wild program at the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center. Grant funds are limited and granted on a first come first served basis for qualifying schools.

Program Length: 45 minutes


4th Grade

H2O Impact Kits: Home Water Audit Kit
Impact Kits are fun and engaging kits that get students actively involved with water conservation. They contain all the materials students need to conduct a home water audit and collect data about their household’s water use. Students then use their results to develop a household water conservation plan.


5th Grade

A Journey from Rain to Drain: Exploring the Community Water Cycle
Ever wonder where your water comes from when you turn on the tap or where it goes after you flush it? Join the SAWS as we take a journey through the community water cycle to find out. It’s all about pipes, pumps, and water on this trip through the water system!

Program Length: 45 minutes


6th – 8th Grade

Groundwater Sleuthing Field Investigation
Visit San Antonio Water System’s newest facility, H2Oaks and learn about our water resources, desalination and human impact on groundwater. Students tour SAWS reverse osmosis brackish groundwater desalination plant and participate in hands-on laboratory activities.

Program Length: 2 hours

Maximum Number of Students: 50

Can’t come to us? We can come to you! The Groundwater Sleuthing activities are also available in a kit that you can check out and keep for a week. It contains all the materials and instructions you will need to conduct the activities yourself!


9th – 12th Grade

Investigating Water After The Flush: Field Investigation Find out what happens “after the flush” as you investigate the path wastewater takes through a municipal wastewater recycling facility. Participants follow the flow of wastewater through SAWS Dos Rios Water Recycling Center, getting off the bus at key locations for a closer look (and smell!) at the water recycling process.

Program Length: 2 hours

Maximum Number of Students: One bus load. (The tour is a driving tour and only one bus can be accommodated at a time.)

Can’t come to us? We can come to you! The classroom version of After The Flush is a 40 minute presentation designed to be used in conjunction with SAWS After The Flush video.

Program Length: 45 minutes

Maximum Number of Students: The presentation is designed for large group format and can be given twice in one day.


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