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Pre-K – Kindergarten

Wiggle Waggle’s Pond: Help Wiggle Waggle the duck discover why the pond he lives in is running out water. Conserving water is important and Wiggle Waggle is on a mission to help his friends learn all about becoming WATERSAVERS. Teachers receive a toolkit which includes activities to be used after the presentation. The presentation can be done in a large or small group format.

Program Length: 20 minutes


1st – 3rd Grades

Voyage of Hydro Explorer: Join the SAWS for a trip under highways, city streets and tall buildings to find out where our water comes from, how it gets to us and where it goes after we use it. This fun and watery adventure shows students where their water comes from, how it gets to their house and where it goes after it is used demonstrating how we are actually a part of the water cycle!

Program Length: 45 minutes


4th and 5th Grade

The Tale of Fiesta Lane
Meet the neighbors of Fiesta Lane. A great little neighborhood with messy a little secret. Put on your detective’s hat and help discover the solution to Fiesta Lane’s problem

Program Length: 45 Minutes