Lessons for Learners

Experiments, problem-solving activities and research topics suitable for home or school projects.



Water Goes Up and Down 2,740kb
Target Audience: 2nd-5th Grade Time: 30-40 minutes
Subject: Water Cycle

Learn the steps of the water cycle through a song and a water cycle wheel

The Returning Raindrop 877kb
Target Audience: 2nd-5th Grade Time: 90 Minutes
Subject: Water Cycle

Learn about the water cycle and build a classroom model to explain how it works

Shedding Light on Watersheds 878kb
Target Audience: 3rd-5th Grade Time: 60 minutes
Subject: Watersheds

Learn what watersheds are by creating a model of one

Scarcity and Citizenship 691kb
Target Audience: 3rd-5th Grade Time: 90 Minutes
Subject: Citizenship

Scarcity of water is a real issue in San Antonio. This activity introduces you to the idea of scarcity and what you can do about it

San Antonio Envirosnack 291kb
Target Audience: Kinder-5th grades Time: 20 minutes
Subject: Environment

A fun and edible science project

How Much Water 250kb
Target Audience: 1st-5th grade Time: 60 minutes
Subject: Availability of Water

Comprehension exercise designed to familiarize students with how much water is on the Earth.

H2O Down Below 592kb
Target Audience: 2nd-5th Grade Time: 45 minutes
Subject: Groundwater

An activity to understand groundwater, aquifers and wells

H2O Activities for Infants 236kb
Target Audience: Infants Time: Various
Subject: Water Activities

Use these activities to teach your infant how much fun water can be.

Fluffy and Wet 357kb
Target Audience: Kindergarten Time: 30-45 minutes
Subject: Clouds

Help Kindergarten students understand how clouds are formed and why they are important to the water cycle

Density of Liquids 339kb
Target Audience: 3rd-5th Grade Time: 30 minutes
Subject: Liquid Density

What type of liquid is the most dense?