2024 Prescription Drug Plan

OptumRx, a UnitedHealthcare company, will continue to be our Pharmacy Benefit Manager. Prescriptions that are a 90-day supply will need to be filled by OptumRx Home Delivery or you can have your physician send a script to Walgreens. If you need assistance, please contact our UHC Service Account Manager, Jorge Torres, at uhcrep@saws.org.

Prescription Drug Formulary Change

Prescription drug formularies can change occasionally throughout the year.  These changes typically occur when a new drug becomes available or new guidelines are released. In 2024, there will be no changes to copays, however, please check the OptumRx formulary to find your prescription’s most current copay. You can use the myuhc.com website or UHC app to search for a medication and see if it is covered.

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2024 Prescription Drug Plan
Pharmacy Benefit Retail
Home Delivery/
Diabetic Medication $0 $0
Other Generic $10 $25
Preferred Brand 30%, $25 Min / $50 Max $62.50
Non-preferred Brand 45%, $40 Min / $75 Max $100
Specialty (Generic & Brand)** N/A $80 (30 day supply)

* Specialty drugs must be ordered through Optum Specialty Pharmacy (30 Day Supply only available through home delivery) at 1-855-427-4682.

OptumRx Home Delivery

OptumRx makes it easy for you to get your long-term medications and save money. A long-term medication is one that is taken to treat an ongoing condition such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. Remember, your diabetic medications are free as long as they are listed in the prescription drug formulary. Long-term medications, or maintenance medications, are required to be filled as a 90-day supply, otherwise you will be subject to a 50% copay after the first two 30-day refills. With Home Delivery, you can receive up to a 90-day supply of long-term medication delivered directly to you for only one home delivery copayment. To enroll in the OptumRx Home Delivery Program, visit myuhc.com, sign in, then choose which of your current maintenance medications you’d like to receive through Home Delivery. You can also call OptumRx at the toll-free number on your ID card or dial 1-888-651-7277.

Preferred90 Walgreens Exclusive

The Preferred90 program allows you to get 3-month supplies of your medications at Walgreens instead of through mail order. With the Preferred90 program, you save on maintenance medications by taking fewer trips to the pharmacy and paying fewer copays. Look up medications that qualify on myuhc.com or the UnitedHealthcare app. Call your nearest Walgreens and ask for instructions about how to transfer your prescription from your current pharmacy or how to get a new prescription from your doctor

Optum Specialty Pharmacy

Optum Specialty Pharmacy will fill your specialty medications via mail order for a 30-day supply. A specialty medication is one that may be injected, infused, taken by mouth, or inhaled. Optum Specialty Pharmacy will fill your specialty medications via mail order for a 30-day supply as well as offer support and guidance for your specialty medication needs. OptumRx pharmacists and patient coordinators are available 24/7 to help you transfer your prescription, find affordable ways to get your medication, and explain how to use the Optum Specialty Pharmacy. Optum Specialty Pharmacy also provides individualized care plans, self-administration training, and free delivery of all medications and supplies. To switch your medications to Optum Specialty Pharmacy, call 1-855-427-4682.

OptumPerks is free prescription discount service that gives you access to savings on prescriptions for the whole family, including your pets! Compare prices for you or your pet’s medication at major retailers and your local pharmacies. Prescriptions include those that treat chronic conditions such as diabetes, anxiety, arthritis, or heart disease. If you would like more information and would like to receive a free pharmacy discount card, go to perks.optum.com/. It requires No memberships. No fees. Just Rx savings!

The Optum Store provides convenient access to affordable products and services to help you live better. Everyone can shop a wide variety of everyday health and wellness products. UHC members with the OptumRx benefit can order FDA-approved COVID-19 at-home test kits online at the Optum Store with $0 member cost share by simply signing into myuhc.com and accessing OptumRx. Members are limited to eight tests (four kits) per household, per calendar month at the Optum Store. Explore all the different services and products available at: store.optum.com/.