Vision Plan

Healthy eyes and clear vision are an important part of your overall health and quality of life. UnitedHealthcare will help you care for your sight while saving you money. Vision plan premiums are fully paid by employees.

Your Vision plan also offers discounts on Contact Lenses, Lasik Eye Surgery, Hearing Aids, and more. For additional information, visit or call 888-651-7277.

Premium costs are included in the SAWS Benefits guide along with more plan details.

To view benefits and locate a provider, go to or call 888-651-7277.


2024 Vision Premiums
Tier Selection Employee Contribution
Employee Only $7.35
Employee + Spouse $13.49
Employee + Child(ren) $14.14
Employee + Family $21.36
Vision Plan Features
In-Network Out of Network
Comprehensive Vision Exam $10 copay Up to $40
Materials – Eyeglass Lenses/Eyeglass Frames or Contact Lenses $10 copay for each See below for reimbursement amounts
Frequency – Based on last date of service Exam once every 12 months Exam once every 12 months
Lenses once every 12 months Lenses once every 12 months
Frames once every 24 months Frames once every 24 months
Pair Of Lenses (for Eyewear)
  • Standard single vision lenses
  • Standard lined bifocal lenses
  • Standard lined trifocal lenses
  • Standard lenticular lenses

Lens options such as progressive lenses, tints, UV, and anti-reflective coating may be available at a discount at participating providers.

Covered in full after applicable copay

Includes standard scratch-resistant coating

Up to $40
Up to $60
Up to $80
Up to $80
You will receive a retail frame allowance toward the purchase of any frame at a network provider. For frames that exceed your al-lowance, you may receive an additional 30% discount on the over-age (available only at participating providers and may exclude certain frame manufacturers). $130 Retail Frame Allowance (after applicable copay) Up to $45
Contact Lenses
Covered contact lens selection It is important to note the covered contact lens selection may vary by provider but does include the most popular brands on the mar-ket today. A complete list can be found by visiting our website Up to 6 boxes of contact lenses plus the fitting/evaluation fees and up to two follow-up visits are covered-in-full (after applicable copay) Up to $150
Non-selection contacts You receive an allowance which is applied toward the fitting/evaluation fees and purchase of contact lenses outside the covered contact lens selection. Up to $150 (material copay is waived) Up to $150
Medically necessary contact lenses Covered in full after applicable copay Up to $210