You may view all job postings and apply for a position using a computer with Internet access.  Please allow at least 30 minutes to fill out a new profile, as well as add information on education, experience, certifications and answer supplemental questions.

Helpful Tip:  Have all your documentation, such as work history and resume ready to enter into the system.  If you have previously created a profile, you can login with the same username and password.

We do not accept resumes for unsolicited positions. Please use our online application process to submit your resume for any open position. Once your information is in our database, you will use the same profile for any future position you want to apply for. Remember your username and password for future use.

No. The online system is the centralized intake site for all applications. Only job seekers who complete an online application will be considered for employment. If you have already submitted application materials directly to a hiring authority, you will need to complete an online application to be considered for employment.

Yes, please click “Save Work in Progress” at the bottom of the page and you can log in when you are ready to complete the application process. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Deadlines vary by position. “Continuous” indicates that a position may be open until a candidate is identified. The hiring official might be conducting interviews shortly after the position is posted and will continue interviewing until a candidate is identified. Apply as early as possible to assure you are considered for these positions.

If the position has a closing date, you may apply up to 11:59 p.m. of the indicated date.

Once your profile is created, you may use that same profile for any position you want to apply for in the future. SAWS policy requires that you apply for each position for which you wish to be considered. It is your responsibility to update your profile, providing current and sufficient information to demonstrate that you meet the minimum requirements for each position for which you wish to be considered. In addition, there may be job-specific questions that you will need to complete. Be sure to provide the most complete information on your resume and profile, clearly indicating your relevant experience so we can effectively evaluate your skills, abilities and qualifications. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Yes. While the system will allow you to submit an application without an e-mail address, we will not be able to communicate with you about the hiring process without one. If you do not have an e-mail address, you can set up a free e-mail account. Do a Web search for “free email account” for a list of options.

On the Career Opportunities page, you can search any job that is currently open by job title, or you can browse through the jobs that are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the job that interests you to view the job announcement. Click on the “Apply” button on the upper right corner. Follow the prompt to set up your own account if you are a first-time user or log in to access your existing account. The instructions online will lead you step by step through the entire application. At the end, you will be asked to certify and submit your application. After you click the “Accept” button, you will receive a confirmation as notification that your application has been successfully filed.

Please note that once you have created your own account and filed the very first application, you do not need to recreate a new application each time you apply for a position. Click the “Populate” button and the information you have entered on your previous application will be pulled and transferred onto your current application. Of course, you will be given a chance to review and modify the transmitted information.

Yes, the system can notify you when job vacancies are posted if you have completed a Job Interest Card. To complete a Job Interest Card, click the box next to each job category you are interested in, or click “Select All Categories” for all. Complete your personal information. Items with an asterisk are required. Click “Submit Request.” For the next 12 months after the form is submitted, you will be notified via e-mail whenever a position is posted that matches your area of interest. You will also receive a reminder e-mail in 11 months to give you an opportunity to extend your notifications for another year.

Your username can be any word or character you choose. Do not use any combination of your first, middle or last names as the system is sensitive to duplicate usernames. Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. Please make a note of this information for your records. You will need it next time you log in.

No, the old SAWS Career Portal username and passwords were not transferred into the NEOGOV online application system. You must create a new applicant profile for use in this system. This also is a great opportunity for you to update your information (e.g. education, skills, and accomplishments).

On the “Description” tab of the job vacancy announcement, you will find the minimum education, experience and other requirements of the position. You can use this information to decide if your background meets the requirements. Be sure the work experience listed on your application clearly shows that you meet these minimums.

You will be asked to provide general information such as name, address, and phone number when building your profile. You will be prompted through several screens where your education and work history can be described in detail, including job titles, dates and duties. It will be easier for you if you have this information available when creating your profile. While not required, a professional resume is highly recommended. Additional materials (such as letters of recommendation) should be provided to the hiring manager if you are scheduled for an interview.

You may attach a resume, but you must still complete the entire application. In the “Attachments” section of your employment application, click “Add Attachment(s).” In the “File Description” box, name your attachment (e.g. transcripts). Click the “Browse” button next to “File” to retrieve a file from your computer. Click “Upload.”

Many job vacancies include supplemental questions. These questions are used to gather job-related information about you and your education or work experience. If there are supplemental questions attached to a job vacancy, you will find them on the “Supplemental Questions” tab of the posting. These questions will also appear on the online application for the position. Your application will not be considered if you do not answer the supplemental questions.

Changes can be made to your application at anytime before it is submitted. Once you submit an application for a particular position, you cannot go back and make changes to the submitted application. If you make changes and submit another application before the position closes, we will only consider your most recent application. You may also make changes before submitting your application for any new positions.

You may indicate the source on the “How did you find out about this job?” section of the application.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation shortly after your application/resume has been received. If you do not receive this e-mail confirmation, it could mean your resume was not successfully submitted. You should log back into the system to ensure you properly submitted your application. Failure to receive a confirmation e-mail could also mean you entered your e-mail address incorrectly on your application, or that your e-mail spam filter settings are preventing delivery.

If you continue to experience technical difficulties, please contact us at Please allow one business day for a response. Confirmation means that your application has been received for review and processing by Human Resources. If the hiring official is interested in your resume/application, you will be contacted by the hiring department. A final e-mail is sent to applicants after a position is filled.

The hiring department schedules all interviews. Because we receive a high number of qualified candidates for each position, the hiring official may not interview all candidates. If there is an interest in your resume, you will be contacted by the hiring department. We encourage you to continue visiting our SAWS employment website for future career opportunities.

If your application was complete and you fully meet the minimum qualifications, there may have been more qualified candidates who were selected for interviews. We review incoming applications/resumes to select those that best match our open position requirements, and then, we contact the applicants we want to learn more about. Unfortunately, we are unable to personally speak with every applicant who submits an application.

Your username and password can be sent to you via e-mail. On “Career Seeker Tab,” click on “I Forgot My Password” in the center of the page. Enter the e-mail address you used to create your profile, and then click “Send.” You will receive an e-mail containing your username and/or password.

Your profile can be changed at anytime. Login with the same username and password you used when you first applied. This will allow you to select the option “My Account” then click on “Edit Contact Information” to update your information. If you have questions, please contact SAWS Human Resources at Please allow one business day for a response.

Hiring authorities within individual departments may review resumes anytime during and after the job posting closes. Based on review of both minimum and preferred qualifications, the hiring department will select candidates for further consideration and contact them directly for an interview or additional information.

The “Apply” link opens a Web page in a new browser window. Because of this, some pop-up blocker software can cause errors or even prevent you from seeing the application window. To correct this, you will need to change your software settings to “allow pop-ups” or “permit scripting” for this address:

If you encounter technical problems while applying for a job online, please contact SAWS Human Resources at Please allow one business day for a response.