Lessons for Learners

Experiments, problem-solving activities and research topics suitable for home or school projects.


High School

What New Development? Role Playing
Target Audience: 9-12 Time: 2 Class Periods
Subject: Ecology

Students will explore how human behavior and development can impact wetlands through role playing.

Water Whiz
Target Audience: 9th – 12th Grade Time: 2 Class Periods
Subject: Conservation

Students will compute the price of water that will be on a monthly water bill and identify different activities that will affect the price of water.

Storm Water: Best Management Practices
Target Audience: 9th – 12th Grade Time: 3 to 4 Class Periods
Subject: Pollution Prevention

Students will identify tyes of pollutants found in storm water and develop a plan to prevent it.

Groundwater Source Protection
Target Audience: 9th – 12th Grade Time: 1 – 2 Class Periods
Subject: Groundwater Protection

Students will identify common groundwater pollutants and potential sources while developing a groundwater well protection plan.

Drinking Water Jeopardy
Target Audience: 9th – 12th Grade Time: 2 Class Periods
Subject: Water Quality

Students will list characteristics of contaminated drinking water and discuss ways to prevent water contamination.

Chlorination For Disinfection
Target Audience: 9th – 12th Grade Time: 1 Class Period
Subject: Water Treatment

Students will explore how chlorine works as a disinfectant and why it is commonly used by municiple water systems.