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SAWS provides billing services to collect stormwater fees on behalf of several cities in Bexar County to include the City of San Antonio. The other cities include Balcones Heights, Castle Hills, Converse, Leon Valley and Live Oak; customers in these cities should contact the appropriate city government if there are any stormwater fee questions.

SAWS collects the fee on behalf of the City of San Antonio Public Works department. Revenues generated from the fee will be used to provide service enhancements to storm water capital and maintenance projects. The 2020 rates became effective October 1, 2019.


Residential properties shall be assigned a rate category and assessed a Drainage Utility Charge based on impervious area as provided:

  Residential Stormwater Fee Schedule
Customer Class/Tier Impervious Area (Sq. Ft.) 2020
Tier 1 ≤ 2,750 $3.75
Tier 2 > 2,750 – 4,220 4.94
Tier 3 > 4,220 10.45



Non-residential properties shall be assigned a rate category and assessed a Drainage Utility Charge determined by a base fee and impervious fee in accordance with the values provided below:

Base Fee: A flat, per monthly fee assessed among all non-residential benefited properties.

Base Fee Schedule
Base Fee $67.30


Impervious Fee: A monthly fee assessed on all non-residential benefited properties on a per square foot basis and prorated based on the percentage of impervious area within the benefited property.

Non-Residential Stormwater Fee Schedule
Percent Impervious Area per 1,000 Sq. Ft.
Tier 1 ≤ 20% $0.31
Tier 2 > 20 – 40% 0.45
Tier 3 > 40 – 65% 0.58
Tier 4 > 65% 0.73


Rev. 11/2019