H2Oaks Center

The H2Oaks Center is located in far south Bexar County at the site formerly known as SAWS Twin Oaks Aquifer Storage and Recovery. The location is now home to three water supplies, all operated from the H2Oaks control room: desalinated water, aquifer storage and recovery, and local Carrizo Aquifer.

The facility includes 12 production wells and two injection wells, in addition to a water testing laboratory and treatment processing area. A visitor center gives guests an up-close-and-personal look at various areas of the plant, including the control room, lab and water treatment facilities.

The public spaces are created around the theme of “The Water Cycle,” to introduce guests to the story of SAWS.

An onsite research facility will be used by universities to study ways to optimize the desalination process and water supplies.

The plant was also designed to allow for easy expansion in the future.

Brackish Project

  • 11 wells are currently used for production
  • 2 new wells, TW-1 and BGD-14 are planned to be online by third quarter 2021
  • In total, SAWS will have 13 production wells to produce up to 11,200 AF per year


  • 29 Injection/Recovery Wells

Local Carrizo

  • 7 production wells
H2Oaks Education Center
H2Oaks Tour