Turf Study

SAWS completed a two-year recycled water study in 2004 entitled, “Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone Irrigation Pilot Study” (EARZIPS). The EARZIPS’ primary objective is to provide scientific information concerning the fate of nutrients and other constituents of Type I recycled water when used for irrigation of turf areas on the recharge zone and the potential for contamination of the underlying aquifer.

The results of this study include recommendations on the use of recycled water and fertilizers on turf over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone based on the data collected and the results of the analyses performed.

Two literature reviews were also conducted to act as supporting documentation for the study, which include “Potential Groundwater Contamination from Irrigation of Turf with Recycled Water” and “Risk Evaluation of Microbiological and Toxicological Components of the San Antonio Water System’s Recycled Water.”


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