Protecting Our Water Quality

Child drinking waterFrom source water to the consumer’s tap, San Antonio Water System is committed to preserving the drinking water quality of our community.

SAWS recognizes the importance of watershed protection and management. Sampling, monitoring and enforcement are some of the many services SAWS performs to prevent environmental pollution.

Through the Resource Protection & Compliance section, SAWS’ water quality protection program is one of the most aggressive in the state. SAWS implements policies that prevent, detect and reduce environmental pollution in our drinking water supplies, streams and rivers by:

  • Ensuring water quality of the Edwards Aquifer is protected
  • Enforcing the regulatory requirements established to protect regional water quality
  • Reviewing and analyzing development plans over the recharge zone of the Edwards Aquifer
  • Monitoring best management practices at construction sites
  • Utilizing an extensive sampling and monitoring network for compliance purposes
  • Educating industries on the Storm Water Program
  • Funding a Sensitive Land Acquisition Program to protect water quality on the recharge zone

SAWS is committed to meeting the challenges of conservationprotection and water management with proven water quality programs to preserve San Antonio’s water needs.