Your confidence in SAWS water matters to us

SAWS has a long-term commitment to providing our customers with safe, reliable drinking water.

All public water systems are required by law to report every year on the type and quantity of substances that are in our water. This law — the Safe Drinking Water Act, amended by Congress in 1996 — has specific guidelines concerning drinking water quality, as well as methods of testing and frequency of testing. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with assistance locally from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, administers the Safe Drinking Water Act to make sure tap water is safe to drink by restricting the presence of contaminants in public water systems.

Report a water quality concern any time by calling 210-704-SAWS (7297). For general questions or information about water quality, please call 210-233-3477.

Trouble-Shooting Water Quality Concerns

View our list of possible solutions to your water quality concerns.