SAWS is experiencing a high incidence of main breaks and leaks due to very dry conditions. We are working on repairs across the city and appreciate your patience. View Map


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Use the map below to locate the SAWS water system that serves you. Clicking on the system name will open that water quality report in Adobe PDF format.

You can also select your report from the list below the map, or simply scroll down this page to view the information for your area.

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Water System Map

San Antonio Water System TX 0150018 Texas Research Park TX 0150497 San Antonio Water System TX 0150018 Northeast TX 0150084 Castle Hills TX 0150045 Geronimo Forest TX 0150052 West View TX 1630039 Mountain Laurel TX 0150545

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2023 SAWS Main System Water Quality Report

2023 Castle Hills Water Quality Report

2023 Geronimo Forest Water Quality Report

2023 Mountain Laurel Water Quality Report

2023 Northeast Water Quality Report

2023 Texas Research Park Water Quality Report