In San Antonio we have learned to turn wastewater into valuable resources. We call it our environmental “trifecta” of recycled water, organic biosolids and methane gas.


Recycled Water

San Antonio boasts the largest direct recycled water delivery system in the nation. More than 130 miles of pipeline deliver high-quality recycled water used by golf courses, parks, commercial and industrial customers, as well as San Antonio’s famous River Walk.


Biosolids, another byproduct of treating wastewater, are used in generating compost for improving soil quality in landscaping and gardening. The compost is sold commercially through local retailers and nurseries under the brand name of New Earth Landscapers Compost.


Biogas (mostly composed of methane) generated during the treatment process is the newest addition to our environmental trifecta.

SAWS has partnered with Ameresco, Inc – a national energy company focusing on renewable energy – to treat and transfer at least 900,000 cubic feet of gas per day to a nearby commercial pipeline to sell on the open market, making San Antonio the first city to utilize biogas in this unique renewable energy strategy.

Harnessing these valuable byproducts of the wastewater treatment process is beneficial for the environment – another demonstration of SAWS mission of providing sustainable, affordable water services.

Integrated Pest Management

Adopting biological controls to deal with pesky insects is an effective and environmentally balanced method without impacting daily operations at SAWS water recycling centers.