2024 Budget

The 2024 budget presents a financial plan designed to continue SAWS’ mission to provide sustainable affordable
water services. The budget balances revenue requirements with available revenues and other funding sources.

Some of the key objectives of the plan are:

  • Continued implementation of infrastructure improvements to improve the resiliency of the water delivery
    and wastewater systems during extreme weather events such as those experienced in February 2021 as
    well as the past two summers,
  • Further deployment of the ConnectH2O Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) improvements
    throughout the community, which started in 2022,
  • Maintain compliance with the requirements of the Consent Decree entered into with the United States
    Environmental Protection Agency and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality relating to the
    reduction of sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), and
  • Continued repair and replacement of aging infrastructure as well as a continuation in the expansion of our
    infrastructure to serve San Antonio’s growing population.