Carlos Mendoza

VP - Distribution & Collection Operations

Mendoza began his SAWS career in 2000 as an engineering technician. Throughout the years, he also served as an energy analyst, senior financial analyst and group operations officer before becoming Director of Fleet and Facility Management in 2016. His accomplishments include reorganizing Fleet Management to improve service levels while simultaneously decreasing maintenance costs, as well as developing Standard Operating Procedures for SAWS’ Fleet Management departments.

In 2022, Mendoza was promoted to his current position as Vice President of Distribution & Collection Operations.

Distribution & Collection Operations

The Distribution and Collection Operations Group operates, maintains, and repairs the water distribution and wastewater collection systems ensuring our customers receive uninterrupted, quality potable water and associated wastewater services.

This is accomplished through:

Emergency Response – Provides critical support to SAWS customers and crews 24/7.

Fleet – Provides vehicles, equipment and maintenance service, and fuel for company employees; maintains corporate vehicle pool program; ensures vehicles and heavy equipment are properly maintained.

Preventive Maintenance Programs – Ensures the integrity of water and wastewater infrastructure.

Construction Crews – Offers in-house construction expertise, including asphalt and concrete services, to improve service restoration and increase customer satisfaction.

Sewer Televising Programs – Equips management to make informed decisions while helping protect the quality of the Edwards Aquifer.

Sewer Line Cleaning – Reduces potential for back-ups due to debris and grease.

Leak Detection Program – Ensures water leaks are identified to reduce water loss.


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