Geophysical Logging Program

log example
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San Antonio Water System began developing a geophysical well logging program in 1997 to further the protection and understanding of the groundwater resources in the region. The logging tools that are used allow for the identification of the formations, water quality, the analysis of the casing and borehole condition. This commitment by SAWS is one of the many efforts to protect and preserve the Edwards Aquifer, as well as any water-bearing formation in the region, by ensuring the proper closure of abandoned wells.

This program also lends itself to the gathering of technical and scientific information to promote subsurface research of our water sources.

The most effective well-plugging procedures can only be accomplished by first logging the well.

For more information regarding this program, call Jim O’Connor, source water protection specialist, at 210-233-3547 or Tom Gonzales, technical well specialist, at 210-233-3548.